Air Tank Pressure Testing Machine

Air Tank Pressure Test Machine, Performs hydrostatic pressurization test of brake compressor air tanks used in commercial vehicles (bus trucks,etc.) compliance with TS 1203 EN 286-1, TS EN 1012-1:2010, TS EN 13445-5 standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Test machine can be have 5-10 or up to customer request test stations.
  • Automatic filling and discharging system.
  • Automatic pressurization system
  • Safety barrier with light barrier (infrared,laser, etc.)
  • Panasonic PLC control system
  • You can connect test tanks to the test machine 1 piece or 1 set or as your wish. All stations can make test seperately.
  • Special design according to different tank sizes and desired number of stations.
  • Stainless steel supply tanks with 3 mm thickness.
  • Test can be make with water or optional phosphate solution.
  • System cleans the phosphate solution inside of the tank with water (optional).
  • All stations monitoring with pressure sensors which are 0,01 bar resulation.
  • Supply tanks has digital level indicator, and pressure sensors.
  • 10” touchscreen control panel
  • Pnoumatic piston system for air tank locking mechanism.
  • Variable stroke according to tank dimensions
  • Rotation mechanism that complately rotates the test tanks for filling and discharging. Chain driven system.
  • Solid and strong chassis with 5 mm profile.

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