Oxidation Induction Time Determination Device (DSC/OIT)

Conform to standards ISO EN 11357-1, 11357-2, 11357-3, 11357-6 Thermal analysis techniques are techniques in which the physical properties of the substance and / or reaction products are measured as a function of temperature when a controlled temperature program is applied to a substance..These techniques are widely used in both quality control and research studies of a wide range of industrial products such as polymers, drugs, clays and minerals, metals and alloys.

AL-DSC/OIT PropertIes
  • The sample amount is max 50 mg
  • Temperature range is between -170 + 900 °C.
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.2 °C
  • Temperature resolution ±0.02°C
  • Heating rate 0.01 – 500 °C / minCalorimeter accuracy < ±0.3 %
  • Calorimeter sensitivity 0.35 mW
  • OIT works according to the 11357-6 standard in the range of 10 – 1000 mg.
  • 5.4 “touch screen user panel
  • Data transmission rate in microseconds
AL DSC /OIT Test MachIne

Oxidation Induction Time (OIT) is defined as the time period from the first contact with oxygen until the beginning of oxidation. The temperatures remain constant as the pure substance or compounds change state. The energy exchange is calculated by comparing the sample with a pure substance while keeping the sample at a certain temperature without heating / cooling or state changing.

AL-DSC/OIT Software
  • Real time mW / temperature and temperature / time curve
  • Setting OIT time
  • Enthalpy calculation from the curve
  • Crystallinity calculation from the curve
  • Determining the melting temperature
  • Determination of thermal and temperature peaks
  • Creating reports in PDF format
  • Plotting different experiments in a row

AnalI z Test MachIne (TGA) TGA is a quantitative analysis technique based on temperature and weight variation of the sample. This changes are observed according to result of rupture of physical or chemical bonds in the environment full of nitrogen or argon. It provides the determination of the purity
and quantity of components in the sample based on degradation.

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