Grippers (Hydraulic)

Hydraulic grips are ideal for high forces and high volume tests that involve repetitive opening and closing of jaws. Hydraulic grips are primarily used where test loads of 50 kN and up to 500 kN are required with high closing forces.

They are a versatile grip that can be used in both static ,dynamic and reverse stress materials testing applications.

Hydraulic grips are suitable for round, flat and asymmetrical section specimens using appropriate optional jaw faces.

The interchangeable grip jaw faces accommodate both flat and round.

Specimens and the grip design maintains a constant gripping force on the test.

Test loads : 500-200-100-50 kN

Specimen material:
 Plastics
 Metals
 Composites
 Wood
 Textiles
 Fleece
 Paper
 Film
 Elastomers
 Geotextiles

 Tension
 Shear
 Fracture
 Fatigue
 Compression
 Torsion
 180 Degree Peel
 Alternating load

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