Product Videos

In this video, we introduce the Alarge AL KAR Carbon Black Quantity Determination Device. Alarge AL KAR Carbon Black Detection Tester complies with ISO 6964, ASTM D 1603 standards. It is used to determine the carbon black content of PE, PP and PB materials. The process is carried out at high temperature and under an inert atmosphere, depending on the standards. The amount of carbon black is calculated using the weight difference.
In this video, we introduce the Alarge AL MFI Melt Flow Indexer. Melt flow measurement test can perform melt flow characterization of plastic raw materials, products and recycling granules in accordance with TS EN ISO 1133, ASTM D 1238 standards. The product or raw material simulates the behavior of the polymer in the molten phase.

The device, which complies with ISO 527, ISO 6259, ASTM D 638, ASTM D 624, ASTM D 412 standards, is equipped to perform dynamic and static tests with a certain frequency cycle. Tensile testing is the most common dynamic-mechanical testing method in the world.

Alarge AL-VER machine compliance with ISO 3127, EN 744, EN 1411 ASTM D 2444 standards and is created fordetermining the drop impact resistance of corrugated pipe, water supply pipe and plate.

Coefficient of Friction Tester has been developed to calculate the static and dynamic coefficients of friction materials in accordance with ISO8295, ISO15359, ISO638, ASTMD1894, GB/T10006 standards.