Climate Cabinet

Climatic cabinets are used for simulation of standard climates and extreme environmental conditions, such as dry heat, high air humidity, up to freeze. Climatic cabinet designed for all research and control laboratories to perform: cold and/or hot temperature measurement at controlled humidity conditions, any kind of freezing/thawing tests and accelerated curing tests.

 120 L , 250 L , 600 L options.
 Temperature operating range °C: -50~150
 Humidity range: 20%RH 98%RH
 Humidity-controlled temperature range: 10 – 70 °C
 Temperature setting accuracy: ± 0.1 °C
 Humidity adjustment accuracy: 1 % Rh
 Number of shelves: 2-7
 Repeatability: 1-999
 Internal surface structure: Stainless Steel
 External surface structure: electrostatic coated steel
 Touch screen
 Number of programs: 1-10
 Automatic water supply unit.

EN 196-1
EN 1367-1
EN 12390-9

 Doors with magnetic seal, with safety lock
 Forced ventilation
 Internal temperature and humidity sensor
 Heating system with low thermal inertia electric resistances, with safety thermostat
 Cooling system with CFC-free refrigeration unit, hermetic type with air condensation
 Humidification system with water steam generator
 Direct expansion dehumidification system with separate evaporatör
 Control and command unit with two separate digital regulators for temperature and humidity, equipped with RS 485 interface

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