Combustion Cabinet

The flammability test cabinet is professionally designed for the determination of the resistance to combustion of industrial samples such as plastics, thermoplastics, fabrics, and composites in a controlled and standard environment.It can be used for all polymers.
The flammability test cabinet is used in testing laboratories to check the flammability of parts of plastic materials to ensure the safety of electronic devices or devices.
The cabin is made of stainless steel. The inside of the cabin is black for easy observation and has a large sliding window.
Sample placement and bunsen burner placement can be changed horizontally / vertically.

UL 94
ASTM D3801
ASTM D4804
ASTM D5048
ASTM D4986
IEC 60695 :11-10 / 11-20
ISO 9772
ISO 9773

 0.1 s resolution digital timers
 Burner positioning apparatus for manual use
 Manometer / pressure meter, 300 mm
 0° , 20°, 45° adjustable burner

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