Muffle Furnace

Standards :
EN 12697-1 -C, EN 13108

Minimize outer surface temperatures while maintaining uniform heat distribution within the chamber. Suitable for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications.

Muffle Furnace has the ideal design for applications of different sectors such as metal, ceramic and food industry, jewellery and dentistry with high temperature furnaces for general purpose, maximum operating temperatures of 1000 °C.

• Internal surface structure Aluminum oxide fire brick
• Temperature sensor Ni-CrNi Thermoelement
• Exterior Oven painted sheet metal
• Electronic thermostat with digital display
• Internal temperature differences ± 10 °C

– Temperature range: 250 => 1000 °C
– Capacity: 2 L – 4L – 7L- 10L – 12L
– Thermostat operating accuracy: ± 1 °C
– Thermostat adjustment accuracy: 1 °C
– Temperature measurement accuracy: 1 °C
– Insulation material: Ceramic
– Heating power: 2500 W
– Input voltage: AC 220 V – 50/60 Hz

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