Vacuum Leak Testing Machine

Standarts : ASTM D3078-02 , EN ISO 13056, GB/T 15171

It is a method for testing joints, fittings, pipes etc. under a vacuum leak test for thermoplastic piping systems. It applies to piping systems based on thermoplastic pipes designed for use in hot and cold water pressure applications.

Adjustable test pressure
Up to 99 hours of testing time
Adjustable leakage pressure limit
Instantly traceable test chart
High speed data transfer via USB or Ethernet
Ability to set the duration of the test from the screen

PLC controlled system
220/230 V – 50/60 Hz working electricity
50 mBar test pressure
50 mBar leakage setting
0.75kW capacity vacuum pump
1 milibar precision control with pressure sensor
Vacuum up to -950 milibar.

Test Procedure
A test suite of pipes and assemblies is subjected to a partial vacuum over a period of time. After isolating the sample from the vacuum source, any pressure increase in the sample is monitored and recorded within one hour. The pressure rise in the pipe assembly must not be greater than 0.05 bar.

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