Grippers (Mechanical)

Mechanical Grips provide a very simple and efficient method for holding test specimens in a wide range of applications. Mechanical Grips are versatile general-purpose grips in which the faces remain stationary during loading. This makes it especially useful for applications where screw or pneumatic grips do not provide sufficient clamping force, or where compressive or buckling forces are not desirable during specimen insertion. They feature a calibration line that provides a reference for specimen positioning.

They are ideal for tensile testing of delicate flat, flexible specimens like plastic, foil, films, rubber, and flexible polymers.

Test Loads : 50-20-10-5 kN

Specimen material:
 Composites
 Plastics
 Metals
 Wood
 Polymers
 Textiles
 Films
 Rubber
 Paper

Applications :
 Compression
 Tension
 Peel
 Tear
 Tensile

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