Values and Principles

Our Priority is Human and Nature

We work without forgetting that the people we work with are human and our most important asset is our humanity. We work by emphasizing the feelings of respect, love, belonging and ownership, with a participatory understanding that gives importance to information sharing, and presents a business environment that works in unity and solidarity and enables and develops each other.

Considering employee health both physically and psychologically for our customers with whom we cooperate, we create products with ergonomic designs that are easy to use and that are compatible with humans, machines and the environment.

We are sensitive to nature and the environment in the products we design, and we shape our waste policy accordingly.

Rationalism and Scientific

Our priority in our research and development studies is rational thinking and scientificity, which is the result of rational thinking. In all our studies, we work together with academics from various universities, especially those who continue to work as a lecturer at Yıldız Technical University, and we benefit from national and international scientific studies. We present our products, which we research and develop by making use of articles and papers, as durable and non-perishable products.

In addition to the scientific knowledge we benefit from and use, we also contribute to scientific knowledge through our expert engineers, especially our founder Prof. Dr. Ahmet Koyun, and our engineers who continue their graduate or doctoral education.

Being a Sharer

We share the scientific knowledge and application knowledge that we care about with the people and companies in front of us, and we transfer our knowledge and experience to industrial organizations without expecting anything in return. We also provide services in laboratory setup or various issues.

We share the scientific knowledge available in our workforce, based on customer needs, on issues that our customers, whose cooperation we care about, specifically demand and require special work, and we work together at all stages from product research and development to the production process. We continue to improve ourselves by taking advantage of customer feedback.

Artistic Perspective

For a customer to whom we supply products, we think that our visible quality and appeal to the eye are also important, apart from our engineering quality. Thanks to the artistry, which is one of our priorities in the works we do and the products we produce, we produce by keeping our artistic concerns at the forefront. We think that this affects both our recognition and the customer’s view of our company.


Realizing the Firsts and Being a Leader


In addition to being the first company that produces laboratory test equipment in Turkey, we also conduct research and development of test equipment that is used as an import in Turkey or that has not even been on the agenda before, with new projects. In particular, we are leading the laboratory technologies sector we are in.

Continuous Improvement and Supporting the Development

We are able to gain knowledge as quickly as possible by using scientific foundations for products that we have never experienced, tried or worked on before, we can develop ourselves and meet the demands of the industry. We adapt easily to innovations and changes that occur industrially and support development with our innovative and scientific studies.