Glass Reinforced Polyester Pipe Pressure Testing Machine

Standards: ASTM D 3517-3754, DIN 16869, AWWA C950.

  • AL -PT GRP Pipe Pressure Test Machine
  • Pressure test equipment for GRP (Glass reinforced polyster) pipes.
  • PLC-controlled mechanical system.
  • Test controlling by touch screen PC
  • Completely digital control
  • Automatic charging, pressurizing, and discharging
  • Test with max 40 bars
  • 4 valves fuzzy logic hydraulic pressure balance system
  • Hydraulic pipe lifting system
  • Automatic double panel moving system, easy adjusment and fast assembly of test pipe.
  • Four synchronized and position controlled hydraulic pistons
  • Hole locking systems for pressure pipe end
  • Real-time data login and special software for reporting
  • Automatic leak detection system
  • Up to 4000m diameter and 15 meter long
  • Hydraulic driving systems
  • Rigid frame calculated with computer simulation
  • Automatic water level adjusment systems with special water level sensing system
  • 3 lips/4 lips special gasket design
  • 3 speed position and ergonomic test condionations

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