Drip Irrigation Testing Machine

● TS ISO 9261
● ISO 9261
● TS EN 12734
Sprinkle irrigation water with dissoluble fertilizer or without fertilizer into or on the soil
surface after draining and filtering is called drip irrigation.
The Drip Irrigation Pipes Test Device is designed for drip irrigation pipes and drippers used in
The samples are pressurized under adverse conditions that represent the real conditions of an
agricultural environment, and then the amount of leaked water is measured.

Max 5 bar pump and system working condition
1.5 m * 0.3 m water bath with maximum insulation of 50 C
Constant pressure with a 0.35 lt main battery
Heating system with a capacity of 5 KW(adjustable)
Plastic plexiglass outer coating and glass wool insulation
Water tank with a stainless steel special aluminum cover.
5-10 line adjustable system
PLC controlled system

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