CNC Sample Preparation Device


1. With the CNC Sample Preparation Device, 3 types of standard tensile samples can be cut from plastic materials such as PE, PVC, PP, PS and pipe sections of different diameters.

2. The device can cut samples up to 65 mm thickness.

3. Fixing apparatuses and clamps will be provided with the device so that the plate-shaped parts up to 65 mm thick can be processed at one time.

Machinable materials:
– Aluminium
– Plywood
– Plexiglass
– Delrin
– Bronze
– Solid wood
– Polyamide

1 set Pneumatic vise 1 set clamping attachments 2 cutters will be given.

10 ”touch screen control without a computer

If desired, new types can be added to the software for a fee. In addition, if the user wishes, can create own or have “g code”; on the machine and do it in private sections.

Working area of the mill in the device in X, Y and Z axes shall be at least 600 * 500 * 150 mm.

0.001mm precision in the axis movements 7. X, Y, Z axis movements will be smooth and sensitive due to ball screw and ball bearing 18000 rpm maximum speed

2.2 kW motor power

Emergency stop button

220-240 Volt, 50Hz working electricity

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