Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Machine (Special R&D and Production)

  • Max. Test pressure: 3000 bar
  • Boutique production according to the desired number of stations
  • Opportunity to test at different stations at independent pressures and independent time
  • Suitable for pressure test of composite hydrogen cylinders, gas tupes and for special purposes
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 0.25% Bar
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Addition of mechanical and electronic equipment for cycle testing
  • Cycle and long life test up to 3000 bar
  • Special system up to 3000 bar for bursting test
  • Explosion test-specific design
  • PLC-controlled system
  • Touch screen user control interface
  • Real-time data show and reporting software
  • Real-time pressure changing graph in cycle pressure test
  • Completely stainless steel
  • Pneumatic , hydraulic and gear box drive force

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