Alarge was founded in 1997 by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Koyun, who is currently working as a lecturer at Yildiz Technical University Mechatronics Engineering. It is a research and development company that has been designing and producing high quality and advanced technology domestic laboratory test devices based on mechatronics-based scientific research by combining machinery, electrical-electronics and software from engineering branches with the title of R&D Center in Yildiz Technical University Technopark since 2014.



Alarge has proven itself by working with more than a thousand local customers since the day it was founded, with its engineers who are experts in their fields, doing masters and doctoral degrees. Globally, test institutes in 18 different countries offer innovative approaches to the test laboratories of pipe production, recycling and plastics companies, produce solutions that meet the needs of companies and provide reliable test devices.

In addition to being a company, we include the young population that we value, as long as our opportunities allow, and we reveal the structure of a research, development and education institution.

We are in a structure where our young people, whom we consider important for the future of our country, take part in joint projects with experienced employees, and give training to engineers and technicians who are new to business life, where experienced employees convey their knowledge.

We bring our young people, who develop themselves both practically and scientifically by making use of scientific studies and scientific methods, to business life in a way that they can and will do engineering in different industries, and we mediate for our social development.

Our Institute Dream